3 Tips To Make Communication Better During A Divorce

Divorce is never a simple thing to experience and the stress and emotional trauma are only possibly intensified when the communication between the couple is either nonexistent or unfriendly. Although having open communication during a divorce may appear to be a logical inconsistency, it is key in reducing the mental stress and emotional hardship both individuals will ultimately suffer.

during a divorce

Here are five tips from Attorney Lynette Boggs-Perez that can help couples to maintain a clear communication while a divorce is pending.

Tone of Voice

 What you say and how you say it matters a lot. Indeed. An individual’s manner of speaking can easily misquote a statement into an allegation or verbal assault. Ensure you are being aware of how you are stating things and your manner of speaking and make modifications as required. Make sure you will not make your partner feel belittle by using a harsh tone of voice.

Text and Email Communications

Communicating with your ex-partner through email or text messages can be tricky. These kinds of messages can easily misinterpret. Therefore, if you use email or text messaging ensure your message is totally clear in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

One more thing you need to remember is, whatever you write in an email or a text message can be printed out with ease and brought to court as evidence against you.   If your divorce is especially volatile, the best option may be utilizing the services of a third-party communications service such as OurFamilyWizard.com. 

For More Information:-  Lynette Boggs-Perez

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