Lynette Boggs Perez | Avoid During Child Custody Proceedings


Needless to say, getting a divorce is a challenging task, but sometimes getting child custody is even more challenging. Due to stress, pressure, and fear of losing a child makes the process more stressful. And this is where most people make mistakes and lose custody.

According to experience attorney- Lynette Boggs-Perez, every parent should take care of these few things during child custody proceedings.

Giving preference to your interests above your children’s

In any family law proceeding, when it comes to child custody, ensure that your every decision consist of the best interests of your children. To build a strong and close relationship with your children, it is necessary to consider what is best and healthiest for them. Courts will also expect you to do the same. Suppose you have decided to relocate to a different city, make sure your children comfortable for a new life in a new city. In case they are not comfortable, you need to reconsider your options.

Having a short temper

Losing your temper will surely lessen your chances to win child custody. In custody proceedings, the topmost priority of family law is the best interests of children. Therefore, remember not to lose cool and prove that you possess the emotional stability and you can provide your child with good care with self-control.

Not working with your former spouse

During a divorce proceeding, it is better to open to negotiations with your spouse, as it saves considerable costs, time, and energy during custody proceedings. It will set a good impression in front of the court. How you behave and what you say in regard to your former spouse may also reflect your character in front of courts. Therefore, you should avoid sending negative emails, harassing your partner, or losing your temper while interacting with your partner.

New dating relationships

After getting a divorce anyone can start his new life with a new partner who may be a better fit. However, dating a person during a divorce proceeding may impact your child custody. If you are in a relationship with a new partner and your children are not ready to live with that person, then the court may not find it right to place children in a home with your new partner. According to Lynette Boggs, it is advisable for you to take some time from your new relationship and focus on your divorce and child custody proceeding.

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