Attorney Boggs-Perez represents City Councilwoman

The Boggs-Perez law firm was recently retained to challenge provisions of the Converse City Charter that may violate the 1st and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution. The law firm represents Converse City Councilwoman Deborah James who believes the provisions have been used as a tool of retaliation for those who oppose Mayor Al Suarez.


My law firm is committed to ensuring that municipal governments adhere to the Constitution in dealing with citizens as well as with fellow members of the council,” Boggs-Perez said. “We live in a democracy, not an aristocracy. Members of the city council should be able to disagree without fear of retaliation.”


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Is Mediation a Best Option to Resolve a Divorce?

Do you know why the number of broken marriages is increasing rapidly? Because relationships are getting harder now. And according to almost every broken couple,  a divorce is an easy option. In the end, everyone deserves a peaceful life. After all, a separation is always better than being in a violent relationship.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a practice to resolve a dispute by mutual agreement of both the parties. In the process of mediation, parties settle to resolve the divorce proceedings in private, instead of choosing a formal court hearing before a judgeThe mediated settlement agreement is binding on the parties.

Check out the reasons why mediation is the best option to resolve a divorce


Mediation hiring is a private process and does not take place in open court. Also, they are not part of the public record.  Mediations are confidential, and the mediator cannot be called as a witness to testify as to what transpired in mediation is the parties do not settle.  Needless to say, it is beneficial for couples who want to keep the matter private, especially if they are a public figure.

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Lynette Boggs-Perez | Baby Moses Law of Texas

Last week I had an opportunity to speak on a panel of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio on the topic of adoption.  One of the topics I had the opportunity to speak on was the Baby Moses Law of Texas.


The Baby Moses Law, also known as the Safe Haven Lawallows parents to legally abandon their children in their first 60 days of life with no questions asked. Yes, you read this correctly – with no questions asked.  The purpose of the law is to provide a responsible option for distressed parents who see no alternative beyond infant abandonment.

The name of this law is rooted in the Biblical story of Moses whose mother protected him from a certain death at the hands of the Egyptians who had received orders to kill all male Hebrew infants.  She put him in a basket made of “bulrushes” and placed it among the reeds by the river bank and he was saved, ironically, by one of the daughters of Pharaoh.

Texas passed the nation’s first Baby Moses law in 1999 after a sudden increase in deserted infants. Since the passage of the law signed by then-Governor George W. Bush, over one hundred babieshave been safely relinquished and each state has enacted similar legislation to reduce infant abandonment. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of this option and still resort to more negligent means during their distress.  My law firm is committed to inform the communities in which I serve with information they may not be familiar with.  Whenever I speak on this topic, I’m amazed how few have heard of the option although it’s been a law in Texas for nearly 20 years.

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