3 Factors the Court May Consider When Making Child Custody Decisions

Although every parent involved in a child custody dispute would like to win, the decision ultimately lies in what would be in the best interest of the child. When determining the best interest of the child, the Court can take anything and everything into account. Specifically, the Court will look to the Holley factors, statutory factors, and case law.

Let’s explore a few of these factors a bit more.

Parent-Child Relationship

When making a decision regarding the custody arrangement between two parties, the Court may consider the desires of the child. Who does the child want to live with, and why?  If a child, for example, appears fearful or hesitant to live with a particular parent, this may indicate a greater issue that can impact the Courts decision. While other factors may be considered, such as a child’s age and ability to express their own desires, the goal is to protect the child’s mental, emotional, and physical health presently and in the future. Any sign that a parent may pose a physical or emotional threat to the child, is reason to inquire further and may potentially impact the Court’s decision.

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4 Reasons to Hire Attorney for Adoption Process in San Antonio

At a certain stage, every couple has a dream of starting a family, and it always gives you goosebumps when you see your child growing in front of you. When it comes to adopting a child, it is mixed emotions that range from super excitement to nervousness.  However, when you start with the adoption process, it makes you anxious, confused and stressed. Therefore, whether you live in San Antonio or anywhere else, it is always advisable to hire an experienced attorney.


Let’s explore in detail why you must hire an attorney for adoption proceeding with the expert Lynette Boggs-Perez.

Consider All Options 

Whether a child is already part of the family, like a niece, nephew, or you’re planning to adopt a newborn there are a few different approaches for doing so. Therefore, to make the process simple and easy, hiring an attorney is a good idea as she will explain the various options, so you can choose the best one according to the situation. Not only this, a licensed attorney is capable enough to protect you from adoption scams as well.

Prepare, Review, & File All Required Documents

When it comes to the final process of adoption, it requires a considerable amount of paperwork. This is where an attorney plays a key role as she can prepare and file complete documents on your behalf. Your lawyer will help you with the contract you received from other parties, and will review them in detail and suggest reasonable modifications. An attorney will also inform you about the documents that are not legally mandated. For example, most people may not aware of that the terms of an open adoption agreement are not enforceable in a court of law.

Simplify the Proceedings from Start to Finish

Sometimes adoptions within families become difficult. As in most cases, the real parents of a child may not be ready to terminate their parental rights, which makes the process complicated. God forbid in case you face certain challenges like this in an adoption proceeding, an attorney is helpful. Your lawyer will take responsibility from the start to diminish common issues. If still, any problem does arise, a lawyer will resolve it to make the proceeding easy and quick.

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San Antonio-area school board outcomes favored incumbents

Voters on Saturday agreed to give new terms to incumbents running for reelection to school boards in Bexar County, but turned away several former trustees seeking their old seats.

The only exception was in Southside Independent School District, where incumbent trustees had been removed from power by a state takeover. The ones who ran again this year were defeated.

Judson ISD

Incumbent Renée Paschall kept her seat on the board of Judson Independent School District, taking 55 percent of the vote to beat challenger Thomas “Tom” England in the race for the at-large District 6 seat. Both are retired Judson teachers and former city council members — Paschall, 64, in Converse and England, 66, in Universal City.

“My top priority is still going to be how we are going to manage getting out of this deficit,” Paschall said. “That’s really going to be a major concern.” Judson is facing a $13 million budget deficit in the current fiscal year, which could climb to $19 million next year, district officials have said.

On ExpressNews.com: San Antonio area’s Judson ISD faces grim budget year, grapples with falling enrollment

In a four-way race for District 7, attorney Lynette Perez won with 34 percent of the vote. Willie J. Black Jr., a professor at the University of Houston-Victoria, had 27 percent, followed by Christophor Galloway, an administrator in Floresville ISD, with almost 27 percent, and retired Judson administrator Walter Harchut with 12 percent. Black, 43, Galloway, 41, and Harchut, 70, are all former Judson ISD employees.

Perez, 55, a former elected official in Las Vegas, was the only candidate on the ballot who is not a current or former educator, though she previously coached Judson’s mock trial team.

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Lynette Boggs Perez | Avoid During Child Custody Proceedings


Needless to say, getting a divorce is a challenging task, but sometimes getting child custody is even more challenging. Due to stress, pressure, and fear of losing a child makes the process more stressful. And this is where most people make mistakes and lose custody.

According to experience attorney- Lynette Boggs-Perez, every parent should take care of these few things during child custody proceedings.

Giving preference to your interests above your children’s

In any family law proceeding, when it comes to child custody, ensure that your every decision consist of the best interests of your children. To build a strong and close relationship with your children, it is necessary to consider what is best and healthiest for them. Courts will also expect you to do the same. Suppose you have decided to relocate to a different city, make sure your children comfortable for a new life in a new city. In case they are not comfortable, you need to reconsider your options.

Having a short temper

Losing your temper will surely lessen your chances to win child custody. In custody proceedings, the topmost priority of family law is the best interests of children. Therefore, remember not to lose cool and prove that you possess the emotional stability and you can provide your child with good care with self-control.

Not working with your former spouse

During a divorce proceeding, it is better to open to negotiations with your spouse, as it saves considerable costs, time, and energy during custody proceedings. It will set a good impression in front of the court. How you behave and what you say in regard to your former spouse may also reflect your character in front of courts. Therefore, you should avoid sending negative emails, harassing your partner, or losing your temper while interacting with your partner.

New dating relationships

After getting a divorce anyone can start his new life with a new partner who may be a better fit. However, dating a person during a divorce proceeding may impact your child custody. If you are in a relationship with a new partner and your children are not ready to live with that person, then the court may not find it right to place children in a home with your new partner. According to Lynette Boggs, it is advisable for you to take some time from your new relationship and focus on your divorce and child custody proceeding.

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Things to Know About Child Custody Cases

Going through a divorce is definitely a challenging task, but the big challenge is often the battle over the custody of children.  In most cases, both parents are named joint managing conservators of the child or children.  The battle, however, is usually over the designation of which conservator will have the exclusive right to determine where the child will live.  Although  divorce is a frequent setting for these types of battles, they happen in all types of scenarios.  When a child is born to unmarried parents, there often can be custody battles and they often have a tie to a petition filed for child support or when one of the parents begins another relationship.  A custody dispute can also arise when the child has been left in the care, custody and control of a third party = such as a grandparent – and that individual files a lawsuit seeking to be named the conservator of that child or children.

Child Custody Cases

When both the parents (or relatives) are unable to make an amicable decision regarding the best interests of their child or children custody, they usually end up in court. Before filing a child custody case it is important to understand how the legal system actually works.   So, let’s find out a few best tips that can make you win a child custody case with the experienced attorney and mediator Lynette Boggs-Perez.

  • Child Custody Evaluations

In most cases in which there is a dispute as to which parent should be named the primary conservator of the child, the judge will likely order a Child Custody Study.  This study is conducted by a licensed social worker or child psychologist who will ultimately prepare a report for the court.  Hence, your lifestyle and home environment are something that will factor into the final decision by the judge.  If you’ve been an absentee parent and all of a sudden you start showing up to avoid paying child support is something that will be obvious to the child custody evaluator.  If you have other relatives living in your home, know that they too will be a part of this evaluation and the court will want to know if these other individuals have criminal and/or child protection backgrounds.  The cost of a child custody evaluation can run between $1500 to $2500 and are typically ordered to be split between the two parties involved in the custody dispute.

  • Older children can share their wishes with the judge

In Texas, children who are at least 12 years of age can have a say in where they live, but a judge does not have to follow the child’s wishes.  It is improper to assume or to tell a child they get to decide where they will live once they turn 12.  Once your child turns 18 and is a legal adult, then a custody order does not apply, and they can decide where to live.

The judge can’t interview the child in chambers in a jury trial on the issue of which parent should decide where the child primarily lives.  In a non-jury trial, it is up to the judge to decide whether or not to permit the attorneys to be present at the interview.  If either party requests, the judge must have a court reporter in the judge’s office to record the interview with the child.  The parents are not allowed in the judge’s office during the interview.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney to Win

Needless to say, filing for a divorce, is the expensive proves and sometimes can get out of control. This is the reason most people prefer to handle their divorce on their own. However, it is not as easy it as it seems on the internet. Also, it is generally not recommended by experts. When seeking a divorce, it is in your best interest to go for the legal counsel of an experienced and practiced attorney.

how divorce attorney can make you win

let’s explore why with Lynette Boggs-Perez.

You Need Pro Advice

One of the major reasons to approach a divorce attorney is to ensure you are getting the advice and direction you required during the divorce process.

Especially, when it comes to the very complicated divorce case. Whether you are facing child custody issues or substantial income challenges, only legal professional lawyers can help you in resolving these issues. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make the divorce process smoother and easier for you to handle.

You Cannot Afford to Make Mistakes

When someone tries to handle the divorce process on their own, mistakes are common and can  cost the party dearly them in the end. In the process of divorce, you may find the legal system complicated and the added stress of separation can make you more frustrated and you might make a wrong decision. Therefore, hiring an attorney will help you to understand the legal system and how to make smart decisions.

You Need to Keep the Process Moving

It is actually possible for an individual to choose a do-it-yourself approach in the divorce process. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to fill out the documentation accurately or submit it to the court on time. Inadequate information or any other problem in paperwork can often slow down the divorce process, will make it more expensive and time-consuming in the long run. A divorce attorney can guide you what forms and other documentation required to be submitted and when. The expert guidance will make the process easy and you will get the divorce finalized sooner rather than later.

You Need Support Getting Custody of Your Children

Most time in divorce cases, the custody of children becomes a critical issue. Therefore, when it comes to the custody of children, it is important to hire a lawyer who is not only experienced in divorce, but also in child custody laws. An experienced attorney will easily explain your rights as a parent and help to build a case that will, surely, grant you the custody of your kids.

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3 Tips To Make Communication Better During A Divorce

Divorce is never a simple thing to experience and the stress and emotional trauma are only possibly intensified when the communication between the couple is either nonexistent or unfriendly. Although having open communication during a divorce may appear to be a logical inconsistency, it is key in reducing the mental stress and emotional hardship both individuals will ultimately suffer.

during a divorce

Here are five tips from Attorney Lynette Boggs-Perez that can help couples to maintain a clear communication while a divorce is pending.

Tone of Voice

 What you say and how you say it matters a lot. Indeed. An individual’s manner of speaking can easily misquote a statement into an allegation or verbal assault. Ensure you are being aware of how you are stating things and your manner of speaking and make modifications as required. Make sure you will not make your partner feel belittle by using a harsh tone of voice.

Text and Email Communications

Communicating with your ex-partner through email or text messages can be tricky. These kinds of messages can easily misinterpret. Therefore, if you use email or text messaging ensure your message is totally clear in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

One more thing you need to remember is, whatever you write in an email or a text message can be printed out with ease and brought to court as evidence against you.   If your divorce is especially volatile, the best option may be utilizing the services of a third-party communications service such as OurFamilyWizard.com. 

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Attorney Boggs-Perez represents City Councilwoman

The Boggs-Perez law firm was recently retained to challenge provisions of the Converse City Charter that may violate the 1st and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution. The law firm represents Converse City Councilwoman Deborah James who believes the provisions have been used as a tool of retaliation for those who oppose Mayor Al Suarez.


My law firm is committed to ensuring that municipal governments adhere to the Constitution in dealing with citizens as well as with fellow members of the council,” Boggs-Perez said. “We live in a democracy, not an aristocracy. Members of the city council should be able to disagree without fear of retaliation.”


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Is Mediation a Best Option to Resolve a Divorce?

Do you know why the number of broken marriages is increasing rapidly? Because relationships are getting harder now. And according to almost every broken couple,  a divorce is an easy option. In the end, everyone deserves a peaceful life. After all, a separation is always better than being in a violent relationship.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a practice to resolve a dispute by mutual agreement of both the parties. In the process of mediation, parties settle to resolve the divorce proceedings in private, instead of choosing a formal court hearing before a judgeThe mediated settlement agreement is binding on the parties.

Check out the reasons why mediation is the best option to resolve a divorce


Mediation hiring is a private process and does not take place in open court. Also, they are not part of the public record.  Mediations are confidential, and the mediator cannot be called as a witness to testify as to what transpired in mediation is the parties do not settle.  Needless to say, it is beneficial for couples who want to keep the matter private, especially if they are a public figure.

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Lynette Boggs-Perez | Baby Moses Law of Texas

Last week I had an opportunity to speak on a panel of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio on the topic of adoption.  One of the topics I had the opportunity to speak on was the Baby Moses Law of Texas.


The Baby Moses Law, also known as the Safe Haven Lawallows parents to legally abandon their children in their first 60 days of life with no questions asked. Yes, you read this correctly – with no questions asked.  The purpose of the law is to provide a responsible option for distressed parents who see no alternative beyond infant abandonment.

The name of this law is rooted in the Biblical story of Moses whose mother protected him from a certain death at the hands of the Egyptians who had received orders to kill all male Hebrew infants.  She put him in a basket made of “bulrushes” and placed it among the reeds by the river bank and he was saved, ironically, by one of the daughters of Pharaoh.

Texas passed the nation’s first Baby Moses law in 1999 after a sudden increase in deserted infants. Since the passage of the law signed by then-Governor George W. Bush, over one hundred babieshave been safely relinquished and each state has enacted similar legislation to reduce infant abandonment. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of this option and still resort to more negligent means during their distress.  My law firm is committed to inform the communities in which I serve with information they may not be familiar with.  Whenever I speak on this topic, I’m amazed how few have heard of the option although it’s been a law in Texas for nearly 20 years.

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